The Dedication for Jill's Memorial Bench was Friday October 1st.

I cant say how many teachers and staff attended the dedication but I believe it was over 100. Karen (Dudley principal)and Lucas (Dudley vice principal)introduced Linda (Jill's mom), Jack (Jill's twin brother), and myself. Karen read a touching and emotional statement about Jill and the bench. We then took some pictures and they can be found under bracelet photos on the home page. As Karen asked me if I wanted to add a comment I found it difficult at the time. Here is what I wanted to say:

Jill loved her job and her fellow staff members, students and parents and wanted nothing more than to come back in September. Even though we knew it may not ever be possible she hung on with everything she had to fulfill that goal and no-one would have ever taken that away. For all of the Dudley staff to find it in their hearts to make a place for Jill's memory in the courtyard is a beautiful tribute. She would be and probably is so excited to know she has that permanent place at the school she loved. I cannot thank you enough (Jon)

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