Students of Martha Brown Middle School via Friends of Fairport make a $500 Donation to Jill's Me

David Dunn presents a $500 check to Jon McDermott (President), Kelly French (Secretary) and Patricia Edwards (Treasurer) of the Jill R. McDermott Memorial Fund. These funds were raised by the thoughtful and caring students of Martha Brown Middle School, Fairport, NY.

The funds were donated to Friends of Fairport by the Martha Brown Middle School. Friends of Fairport has donated over $250,000 to local organizations in need. In turn the Jill R. McDermott Memorial Fund was nominated by teachers as the recipient. John Baynes was on hand to preface the award in front of hundreds of teachers and faculty from the entire Fairport School District. Jon McDermott gave an emotional update on the funds progress and goals that was met with an amazing standing ovation.

Thank you to everyone involved in this award!

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