The idea for the closet was created by my sister, Jean McDermott-Carr when she came up from Georgia for Jill's calling hours. Jean saw the amazing amount of school supplies Jill had in the basement and came up with the thought of supplying teachers and students with missing needs. Teachers typically spend a considerable amount of their own money on school supplies and only get an IRS deduction of $250. The idea was that part of Jill’s Memorial Fund could be used to help meet Elementary classrooms and students missing needs.

The original idea was to use the supplies from the basement as well as the supplies Jill owned that were in her classroom. What we would do is have an actual closet at the school where each classroom would have a budget and they could just go get what they needed. This turned out to be too hard as the space was at a premium and we would have to guess at what inventory to carry.

So here’s what we did……

All of Jill’s existing supplies will be inventoried and donated to be evenly distributed to the 1st and 2nd grade teachers at Dudley Elementary.


Each First and Second grade teacher at your selected school can enter the closet and there they can “wish list” the items they could use in order of priority. Any help from teachers regarding where to purchase the item would be appreciated and there is a spot on the form for that. As the funds become available within the memorial fund we can fulfill those wish list items. These items would then be delivered directly to the classroom!


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