Jon F. McDermott (President)

Jon first met Jill in 1995, began dating and were married August 5th 2000. Family members have formed a nonprofit corporation to benefit the children Ms. McDermott loved so much. Deserving Elementary School first- and second-grade students may be able to receive school supplies, mittens, clothing, assistance with field trips, and whatever is needed. All the income to the Memorial Fund goes to this cause. “She was honorable, caring, giving — and stubborn,” “She treated everyone with respect, and my mission is to help the kids she loved to help,” Experience President/Director Jill McDermott Memorial Fund Inc. Nonprofit Organization September 2010 – Present A non-profit dedicated to the development of grammar school students. Formed after my wife passed away from Ovarian Cancer on July 23rd 2010. Recommendation “Jon's acumen as a Director is exceptional-his skill set is a combination of talent, intelligence, commitment and unsurpassed integrity. His unique and personable ability to set and accomplish goals while maintaining a sense of humor and engaging all stakeholders simultaneously and imbuing them with a sense of accomplishment and pride is simply the best.” December 16, 2011 Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity Mike Barcikowski via Linkedin hired Jon as a Financial Advisor in 2004, and hired Jon more than once Senior Financial Advisor Independent Financial Services industry September 2009 – Present Vemma Nutrition and Verve Energy Vemma Nutrition Company March 2007 – Present Nutritional Energy, Healthy weight formulas as well as children's nutrition. HarmacLife Insurance industry Life, Health, Accident and supplemental insurance June 1995 – Present Partner Edit Harmac/Paulson Financial Services industry May 1995 – September 2009 Stocks, Bonds, Annuities, both Variable and Fixed, Life and Health Insurance including Group Plans, Estate Planning, Retirement Planning, 401K Planning, 528 Plans

Patricia Edwards (Treasurer)

Patricia L. Edwards I am an elementary teacher in the Fairport Central School District. My husband Merton and I live in Fairport with our two children, Zach and Katie. I always wanted to be a teacher from the time I was a little girl. My uncle (also a teacher) once told me that the best teachers are born to do so. Teaching is part of who we are. I believe that was true for Jill. I met Jill over a decade ago when she came to my classroom at Dudley Elementary School to begin her student teaching placement. It was easy to see that she loved children and she loved to teach. Upon graduating, Jill got a teaching assignment at Dudley and I was asked to be her mentor. Through the years we became good friends. Her classroom was just across the hall from mine and we used to combine her first graders with my multi-age first graders for calendar time. We always wanted to have the opportunity to team teach, and at the end of the school year in 2009, that dream came true. We planned all summer long for the exciting things we wanted to do with our multi-age first and second grade students. Then, just as the summer came to a close, Jill found out that her cancer was back. We began the school year together. Jill worked as long as she possibly could, and when she was not well enough to be in the classroom, she worked on things for our kids from home. The bond she established with our students was present throughout the year. Jill came in to see the children whenever she was able. She even attended our end of the year musical. Over the years Jill inspired me with her strength, wisdom, laughter and kind soul. It is my privilege to be a part of Jill's memorial foundation. She will always be a part of me.