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Jill Mc Dermott and her class

Jill R. McDermott inducted to the Fairport Educators Wall of Distinction.


While it is devastating that Jill is no longer with us today, this award that honors her tonight is meant to celebrate the wonderful and innumerable contributions she made to our school district. I am confident that the reason Jill was chosen as a recipient of this award is clear to everyone who was blessed enough to know her. I am sure tonight that she would have liked to recognize her husband, family, close colleague Patricia Edwards, and friends for all their love and support.



Please Sponsor the Apex Cycling Ride Across America with Zach Edwards for the Jill R. McDermott Memorial Fund.


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Vemma Supports Jill R. McDermott Memorial Fund.


Vemma is pleased to support this noble cause. As a thank you for his generous contribution, Founder and CEO BK Boreyko received a Certificate of Recognition from Jon McDermott, as well as a collection of bracelets made in Jill's memory. BK and the Home Office staff wear them proudly.

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The Jill R. McDermott Memorial Fund has chosen to become a brand partner with Vemma Next which is ideal for children 2-12. 100% of the income to the memorial fund will be donated to needy elementary classrooms and students.

The Jill R. McDermott Memorial playground dedication. September 16th 2011.


Well… it’s Fall, Jill’s favorite time of the year for clothes….and shoes…and purses…. Right now Jill would be hard at work, excited about the new students, planning, continually arranging the classroom and getting ready for Holiday celebrations…she always liked to plan ahead…. She loved this school and all the students…..It’s hard to imagine how difficult it was for her not to be here….it’s all she wanted….to come back to school and teach her “friends”….. now through the hard work of the school district and with amazing and generous support from the PTA and everyone who helped make this project possible from planning to donations and construction her loving spirit can now have a place here for years to come. When a student asks who Mrs. McDermott was, I hope you can share a good story about her. I know and feel Jill would be honored and I hope that we can continue to make a difference each and every year for needy elementary schools, students and classrooms. Please pick up a bracelet and visit Jill’s web site to download pictures or upload pictures you may have as well as comment on news and events. I love all the bracelet pictures so please upload one wearing your bracelet if you can.

Thank you for being here, remembering Jill and your support……thank you!

Jill R McDermott

Memorial Dedication

News 10 NBC coverage of the    Playground dedication.


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