A Heartwarming "Ghost/Spirit" Story about Jill

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For all those that want to believe...

Preface: Jill has had many personal paranormal experiences. After my mother Beverly McDermott was killed in a tragic single car accident we believe she would come and visit Jill. Just the day after Beverly passed away Jill was in bed watching TV in the master bedroom and I was downstairs with the dogs. Suddenly there was a large bang and I thought Jill had fallen or dropped something. I ran to the bottom of the stairs and Jill was already there shaking and white…I asked what happened and she said the armoire doors slammed shut by themselves. Jill had many other similar stories and after a while used to call me to let me know Bev was “visiting” again. Jill also had experiences in her mother’s house in Mt Morris, NY. She may have been just more sensitive to seeing or hearing paranormal activity or in some way would attract it but safe to say Jill believed.

The story as told by Jill’s mother Linda Montesano:

After arriving at the funeral home and spending our last moments alone with Jill, we decided she would not be happy with an open casket. As I was sitting in the chairs directly across from Jill, my granddaughter Austyn Rose who is five years old came over and wanted to sit on my lap. As we sat there holding each other it became apparent she was upset. So I asked her Austyn what’s the matter? She said, “I want to see Aunt Jill and I brought her a bear and I want to give it to her, I want to see her” I glanced over at her dad/my son Jeromy. He just smiled as if to say, ok mom you take care of this. So I said “well Austyn you know how much Aunt Jill had to have her hair and make-up perfect and she didn’t want anyone to see her sick.” Austyn replied “yeah but I still want to see her, she won’t care if it’s me” I said, “Austyn, Aunt Jill is in heaven it’s only her body that’s in the room and she knows you left her a bear and she knows we love her but we just can’t see her” Austyn then said, “but Nana, Jill is here, right there! (and she pointed to the left of the casket) can’t you see her?” I said, “she’s where?” Austyn said again pointing at the left side of the casket, “Right There!, she has a do-rag on, can’t you see her?” I believe to this day that Austyn Rose could see her beautiful Aunt Jill and we all know Jill believed in spirits.

(Jon) It seems young children can be more sensitive to seeing paranormal events because their minds are not clouded by what may or may not be real. I hope she saw "Aunt Jill" and that she was truly there watching over us as her friends and family came to say goodbye.....

Tish McDermott

It is so sad that we loose our 'magic' as we grow older. That was one thing Jill never did

Jacquie Bonadonna

Nice story. I bet she did see her. -After my father passed away in 2009, one of my friends was over and fell asleep in a chair in my living room. My 3 year old daughter also fell asleep on a nap mat on the floor. My friend woke up and thought she saw a man leaning over Giulia and then he disappeared. She described his flannel shirt just like one my father had.

Kelley Edwards Woodwick

You know how I feel about the spiritual afterlife and I am a huge believer! I know she's around you everyday

Stephanie Parlato Fournier

Stephanie Parlato Fournier I have experienced this too....my mom has visited me, and I have even smelled her perfume. My brother came to see my mom a few weeks before she passed away. It is so real....and comforting...

Marcia Mufford

Jon, I totally believe that our loved ones that have pass do try to communicate with us you just have to be receptive to it. Two Christmas ago my family went to Ca. to spend the holidays with my sister. My father had passed away 8 years prior and my mom 6 years. I brought the family videos of past Christmases together when they were alive to see together. It was the first time that we could bear to see it. Watching together as a family it brought a lot of tears and a lot of heartwarming memories back. It was so nice to see my mom and dad on video after so many years. We turn off the lights and TV and went to bed shortly after. I got up in the middle of the night and the T.v. was on and it was just static. I know in my heart it was my mom and dad saying that they were with us. My Mom has come abruptly thru my dreams and was talking to me with a bright yellow light behind her. She looked great and was saying something to me. My husband woke me up and said I was laughing in my sleep. When I woke I had such a warm comforting feeling. I truly believe it was my mom that was trying to communicate to me and not just a dream. Find comfort in these incidents because I totally believe your Jill was there with you.

Laura Strutz

Laura Strutz
Jon - dear family friends lost their son in a single engine plane crash @ 6 yrs ago. You may recall the story, he was teaching someone to fly. Anyway, several similar things occurred over time. But - one time his Mom went into his room and heard very soft music. She couldn't figure it out, everything was off. She finally found it was coming from the computer speakers, jazz, his favorite. The computer was/is off. It's still playing 6 yrs later. I heard it myself when I was home a year ago. *****Have you found any dimes in odd places???****

Jon McDermott no dimes but then again I was not paying attention. What does that mean if I find one?

Laura Strutz It seems to be a paranormal phenomenon, too. A sign from a loved one who has passed. But, you have to find them in a place where no dime belongs, for ex. you pull back the covers to go to bed one night and there is a dime; where there was not one last time you looked, they are always alone, not with any other change. I have a whole stack!! Google it. There's info.

From Leisa Simone

Leisa Simone
I read it, and I mean this with all due respect.

We had some unusual occurrences here after my friend Therese died. My niece said she sometimes felt her mother rubbing her back when she was upset and in bed, crying. My nephew and I once smelled her perfume at the exact same time. And there have been other "things".

I don't talk about them often. I know people think it's too bizarre, and it's also too personal. But when I do talk about them, I don't like to use the word "ghost". For children (and others), it's too spooky. It also could trivialize it in the minds of people who don't believe in such things -- people like how I was and how my friend Michael was.

I now believe that people who strongly love and leave this world -- well, that love just doesn't disappear suddenly. I think that's the reason we experienced so many odd but comforting things after she died.

Again, I don't mean to offend. It's just a personal thing about the use of the word "ghost". You can delete this after if you wish.

And I do believe in what your family has experienced. Jill sounds like she was full of love. Just like my friend.